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raised in north Alabama. living in Oklahoma. corrupting this place one Okie at a time beginning with the crazies I call my friends. AU football loving, fishing and shooting, Chevy truck driving, pit bull momma, country as a turnip green, and total southern princess


sometimes i get distracted by my own cleavage like… nice…….



How does one say “shut the fuck up I never want to speak to you ever again” politely?

Bless your heart.

fuckin’ love Grunt Style! in my Air Force days, my nickname was Tinkerbell (but at 135lbs and 5’1 with huge boobs, there’s no better nickname)… I ordered this shirt as a reminder while I train for my first Tough Mudder and they even made my Tinkerbell a bad ass.

& how can you not love a company owned by veterans?